August 21, 2012

My Almost-Two Year Old

Eliza is almost 2. I can't believe it. How fast time has gone by! I am terribly missing her baby stages. She is a little girl now. But it's exciting to see her grow and develop new skills each day.

Love her girly pearls.

August 17, 2012

Dollar Tree Haul

Visit the Dollar Tree's website: here to find a location near you and see what products they offer

Summer Fun

We've spent a lot of our summer in our swimming pool from Target. It was such a great find. Only $20 and you can fit an entire family in there, including adults! Here's a link to the video where I mention this pool: Swimming Video

The other day we got home from running errands and Eliza ran over the pool trying to jump in. So I just took her clothes off and put her in the pool sans swimming suit. 

I love my cutie pie.

August 10, 2012

August 7, 2012

Keeping Cool in the Summer

How are you staying cool this summer? In this video I share how my daughter and I have been keeping cool in this insane heat! Visit my blog here: for all details on products mentioned in this video.

-Large swimming pool from Target: here
-Infant pool: here
-Toddler pool: here
-Plastic Adriondak kid chair: similar here
-Sand Bucket set: similar here

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